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Children's Initiative

Program Goal
The goal of the Children's Initiative is to support programs that create and promote stability and resiliency for children who have been exposed to domestic violence.

Program Guidelines
Programs must contain all four of the following components:

  1. Directly serve children who have been exposed to domestic violence. The Foundation will not fund programs that develop curricula or methodologies, train staff or educate the general public, or that are designed to prevent domestic violence in general.
  2. Enhance the mother-child relationship.
  3. Include a specific domestic violence parenting education component.
  4. Be a new project. Funding is for new projects that are within the first year of their development. See the section "Multi-Year Funding" for more details.
Your program should possess the following characteristics:
  1. Have the objective of preventing future abuse and breaking the cycle of violence.
  2. Assist children in coping with the physical, emotional, and mental trauma of abuse.
  3. Provide treatment and services beyond initial intervention.
  4. Target children of middle school age and younger.
  5. Use an approach based on proven and documented strategies and one that provides clear metrics to measure the program's outcomes.
Your organization must be classified by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.
  1. The Foundation will provide program support for domestic violence programs only.
  2. Projects that focus on abused or homeless children, children with special needs, programs that attempt to prevent domestic violence, or provide programs for children who have experienced domestic violence, are not the Initiative's focus.
  3. Requests for capital support or general operating support are not considered.
Geographic Focus
The Foundation only funds programs through our Children's Initiative that operate within the United States.

Grant Size
The average grant size for the Initiative is $25,000 or less.

Multi-Year Funding
The Foundation will support projects for up to three years. While the Foundation will not commit funds for the second or third year without an annual review, it is our intent to continue funding successful programs. No project will be funded by the Foundation for longer than three years.

Projects that have been funded for a first year are required to submit an abbreviated application and Progress Report in lieu of a Letter of Intent by April 1 for the second and third year. See link below to request second or third year funding. Second and third year requests will automatically advance to the Full Proposal stage.

The Foundation will not consider proposals in the following areas:
  • Ongoing projects or general operating support for an organization.
  • Projects whose purpose is to create specific media, film, photography, or books.
  • Capital projects, including land acquisition or the construction of buildings.
  • Grants or scholarships to individuals.
  • Projects that attempt to change behavior by education of the general public.
  • Camps or cultural exchange programs.
  • Lobbying prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Conferences.
  • Endowments.
  • Start-up costs or new organizations.
  • Research projects.
Outcome-Based Assessment
The Foundation has a particular interest in measurable outcomes. Therefore, applicants will be asked to clearly state their goals at the outset of each grant period, and to report on their activities and achievements at the end. The single most important question to be addressed is: What measurable improvements will occur in the participants' lives as a result of the project or program?

Application Process
The Foundation has a two-stage application process: a Letter of Inquiry, due April 1; and Full Proposal, due August 1. A Letter of Inquiry must be submitted to advance to the Full Proposal stage and be considered for funding. Submission of a Full Proposal is by invitation only.

Foundation Process for Decision Making
The Foundation will review all Letters of Inquiry at their meeting in June. The Board of Trustees will make their decisions and notify applicants in July of the Board's decision to request a Full Proposal. Organizations seeking second and third year funding from the Foundation, who have provided the Foundation with an abbreviated application and a progress report, will automatically advance to the Full Proposal stage.

Deadlines - April 1 / August 1
Letters of Inquiry will be accepted through April 1. The Foundation Board will consider your Letter of inquiry in June and will invite proposals to be submitted by August 1 to be considered by the Board in November. Funding will be available in December for the next year. In fairness to all applicants, the Foundation will strictly adhere to its deadlines.

Getting Started
The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation requires that all Letters of Inquiry and Full Proposals be completed via our online application system. The link to the online Letter of Inquiry is provided below for this Initiative. A link to the Full Proposal will be provided to you when you are invited to submit a Full Proposal. Foundation staff are available to assist you with any problems in completing your application. Contact the office at wff@fidcouns.com

All first time users of the on-line application system must create a login with a user name and password. This is the user name and password for your organization. All users from your organization use the same log in.

Returning to an Application
Your Letter of Inquiry does not need to be completed in one session and can be returned to and edited until you formally submit the application. You can access your organizational and application information using the returning applicant portal and your organization's login name and password.

Uploading Required Documents
There are required documents that you must upload for the Letter of Inquiry and Full Proposal. Only one document can be uploaded per question. Documents will not appear as uploaded until you have hit SAVE.

Submitting an Application
Once you have completed and reviewed your application, you may "submit" the application for funding consideration. Please note that once an application has been submitted you will be able to view the application, but not edit or change it.

Start a New Children's Initiative Letter of Inquiry
You must have your organization's tax exempt number ready when starting your Letter of Inquiry. A printer friendly version of the application is available online to allow you to review the application questions prior to starting. Remember to "Save & Finish Later" even if you have not added any new information.
Click here to start your Letter of Inquiry.

Request Second or Third year Funding
If you are applying for second or third year funding for a project/program that the Foundation has funded in a previous year, use this abbreviated application and submit a progress report on activities to date.

You must have your organization's tax exempt number ready when starting your application. A printer friendly version of the application is available to allow you to review the application questions prior to starting. Remember to "Save & Finish Later" even if you have not added any new information.
Click here to request Second or Third Year Funding.

For technical support in submitting your application, please feel free to contact the Foundation at wff@fidcouns.com.

Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation Children's Initiative Guidelines - Printable Version